Endopylotomy Stent

Endopylotomy Stent
Endopylotomy Stent
Application Used for Stenting the ureteropelvic junction & ureter following a percutaneous endopyelotomy while providing both nephrostomy & ureteral drainage
Features Smooth passage in tortuous ureter.
Use For single use
Packing Tyvek pouch as per EN-868-5 series standard
Sterilizations With Ethylene Oxide EN-550 series standard
Packing Area Class 100 as per ISO 14644-1

Size Product No. Length
5 FR / 10 FR NMS-EPS-5/10 FR-26 26 cms
6 FR / 12 FR NMS-EPS-6/12 FR-26 26 cms
7 FR / 14 FR NMS-EPS-7/14 FR-26 26 cms